ASCII art puzzle discussion


I got every testcases correct, but one validator failed (Test full alphabet in CAPS WMADXESFGIJVTHKNOBPLYQRUZC) and I have no idea why
When I played custom testcase and put these letters in, the result looked fine.

Anyone had this problem too?
Is there a way to see how my program goes through this validator (other then custom test case, since I cannot know everything, like values for l, h)?


Except for the E, my test-cases fails with the correct outputs. :frowning:

Found:  Nothing
Expected:  Nothing


My program outputs the right answer but no matter what I do an ‘@’ appears at the end of all my outputs.



Je craque complet je suis sur python et pas moyen de passer le 5ème test mon N est “différent” … la barre du haut va plus loin que les autres lettres et je vois pas pourquoi :frowning: un indice ? (c’est pareils pour le dernier N)

Trouvé : .----------------. .----------------. .-----------------
Attendu : .----------------. .----------------. .-----------------.


Soit une lettre n’est pas dans la liste (comme un @ au lieu d’un a) soit tu as mal recopié la lettre.


what did you expect ? reset button works like that !


I need help to split a string by nth position. I would like to split every 4th character in the ASCII string. Thanks for the help.

class Solution {

public static void main(String args[]) {
    Scanner in = new Scanner(;
    int L = in.nextInt();
    int H = in.nextInt();
    if (in.hasNextLine()) {
    String T = in.nextLine();
    int length=T.length();            //Getting length of given string
    char [] allChar= new char [length];

    for(int i=0; i<length;i++){          //Fitting Given String into Char to get ASCII code
    for (int i = 0; i < H; i++) {     
       String ROW = in.nextLine();
       String [] charactersf=ROW.split(".{1,3}");    //I need help to convert the first line of the ASCII letters to an array of 4 characters each

        for(int z=0; z<length;z++){
        int x=0;
        x=((int) allChar[z])-65;


    // Write an action using System.out.println()
    // To debug: System.err.println("Debug messages...");




Hi, i get a nice result from the standard output but the game do not accept it, why ?


Cest pas le N le probeleme, c’est la derniere droit de ton carre exterieure qui ne s’affiche pas


regarde bien limage


Me too did you found a way ?


Make sure at the end of each line, there are enough spaces filling in to make the character a rectangle block of characters.


Can anyone explain how you’re supposed to solve the one with lower case letters when you’re not given any lower case letters in the input?


The puzzle said, ‘The characters a to z are shown in ASCII art by their equivalent in upper case.’
Change lower cases in inputs to upper cases in output.


Thank you. All I needed was to add one method to make that work.


I had problems with test case number 5.

Is it common in this ASCII that the character “N” contains one more “-” than the other characters, which are needed to print MANHATTAN?

My code worked well for the first four test cases, but for the last one I had to do some major changes, because of the reason above.


Edit: Apparently I went over the instructions too quickly and didn’t see that non-alphabet symbols are question marks in the ascii art.


Same thing :frowning:


hi guys how can i solve this error
error: cannot find symbol

this is my code

import java.util.*;

import java.math.

class Solution {

public static void main(String args[]) {
    Scanner in = new Scanner(;
    int L = in.nextInt();
    int H = in.nextInt();
    if (in.hasNextLine()) {
    String T = in.nextLine();
    int uz=T.length();
   char dizge[]=new char[T.length()];
    String f[];
    for (int i = 0; i < H; i++) {
        String ROW = in.nextLine();
        f=ROW.split(" ");
         String dizi[][]=new String[H][f.length];
      for(int x=0;x<f.length;x++)
{  dizi[i][x]=f[x]+" ";

int de;
for(int a=0;a<uz;a++){
de= (int) dizge[a];
de -=64;System.out.println(de);
for(int a=0;a<3;a++){

 for(int b=0;b<3;b++){






your dizi array was declared inside your for-loop. Outside the loop it is invisible.
Move the declaration out, before the loop, to expand its scope.