ASCII art puzzle discussion


Following lines: the string of characters ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ? Represented in ASCII art.

you always have alphabet in ASCII art so either i don’t get your problem or you missed this statement


Thanks both of you. For some reason, it never occured to me that the alphabet was provided this way. I see how to finish this now.


I have solved that puzzle in 24 programming languages, so I can tell you that it is very solvable without reverse engineering the validators.


Not sure (didn’t finish the puzzle yet), but the program might expect “M?NH?TT?N”. Let me know if you know what the program expected.


See’s response to his own question:


Hello, i only got 50% of the final score.
I failed the following tests :

  • HelloWorld
  • AB!!CD
  • full alphabet in CAPS
    ( ipsum dolor sit amet, MANHATTAN, ManhAtTan, M@NH@TT@N and alternative ASCII arts work fine)

I don’t understand where my problem could be ?


This is a black box so maybe you can try to make up some test cases to debug your code.

Try to test your code with those strings (HELLOWORLD, HelloWorld, etc) in combination with the ascii art lines in the visible test cases. In particular, check whether your code handles “!” or any other non-alphabetical letters correctly. Also check that you haven’t hardcoded any parameters unnecessarily.


Description is not clear at all …


oui les espaces m’ont fait rater le dernier test…il faut mettre le mode expert pour bien comprendre cet énoncé


Hi guys i just want to do the reverse i have the ascii art. There are ascii art design as input and based on that i need to figure out the correct letter and print it

.For further details please have a look here and please help me out.



Just completed the last test case, the Lorem ipsum one. I realized there’s a hidden requirement, the execution time - if the string gets too long, and your parsing of the input too complex (like mine), the test will time out.

There’s two solutions: Refactor your code, especially to get rid of nested loops, or do as I did, and parallelize when possible.

Using C# btw.


The validation seems to be broken. I am using Clojure. My solution passes all tests, but not a single one of the validators (no, not even the single G). I rewrote my solution 3 times very differently, in every case it passed all the tests, failed all the validators. In my despair, i tried a clojure solution from github: All tests pass, all validators fail. This is frustrating, folks.


indeed the validation is broken with Clojure. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.


Hi everybody,

I’m programming in Python and I doesn’t understand what this line does:
row = input()
What is the input?

Thank you


En python je ne comprends pas ce que fait cette ligne:
row = input()
Notamment le fait que l’input soit vide…
Si quelqu’un peut m’aider à comprendre cela.



j’arrive pas a comprendre l’énoncé de l’exo. ce qu’on attend de nous une fois avoir recupéré la chaine T en entrée. c’est assez énervant de pas capter ce qu’il faut faire.
est ce qu’il faut encoder en transformant chaque lettre de l alphabet par des # ?
parce que ca l air d etre bien long d ecrire des trucs du style

case “A”: encode=" # \n# #\n###\n# #\n# # ";
default: encode=“point d interrogation a encoder” ;

en suivant le schemas fourni puis en injectant le tout dans un writeline ?
( je code en c# )
si quelqu’un pouvait expliquer vite fait ce qu’on attend de nous de maniere un peu plus claire, je vous remercie, par cequ’en balyant le forum ca parle que de la phrase en latin, je vois pas une fois une explication claire de ce qu on doit faire avec le writeline et chaque lettre de l alphabet encoder, decoder? bref c est flou


so if i understand well, we have to find a way to extract in the" ascii art letter" the regular one and then send the ascii art letter to print out ?


Just solved lorem ipsum case. I write in Java. My code do this:

  • create map of string and char array
  • convert text to char array
  • create result array by getting first letter from map and then in loop getting next letters and change this array.
    all works, but not lorem ipsum dollor in case that “references to object” (when i get first letter from map and than change it - I change it in map too)


My for loops in JAva Dont Work


I think there is a problem with the input of the C++ test case “Test ManhAtTan”;

Here is the direct output of the input (letters):

As you can see, there are several “013719013” that souldn’t be there.


EDIT: added screenshot