Back to the Code - debug messages in replays

Sometimes I don’t see error-stream output from my code in replays, only info about other player’s moves. Also I have wrong label in Last Battles list (shown place of the same player as on replay page).
Looks like bug.

I kind of imagined they’d strip down the stderr for running the arena games. As that might be a bit too easy to do stuff with. Also it would be hard to easily determine WHOSE stderr should be outputted in replay games.

I typically worked around it by having the message command outputted be slightly different based upon what my bot was doing. My bot was… not really that complex or smart. So to figure out what the bot was thinking was figured out by how many "W"s and "E"s were said when it was being a spinny idiot all “WWEEEEEE!”… or otherwise “Moving to Tengen” was to indicate the bot was trying to move to a more open area to be a spinny idiot.