Beginner coding?

hi everyone,
I was looking for help regarding a way to better learn programming for more video game related stuff. I’ve played around with C# and Javascript but the main problem i’m having is no matter what tutorial i see or book i read on either language i cant really seem to grasp any of the info being thrown at me. I was directed here by my university but while trying to do some “training” here the only thing i learned was you need prior knowledge of the structure and types and all that in order to really learn here which im lacking. so i guess what im here to ask is where can I start!?

You don’t have to be a good programmer, but you do need to know some basic stuff before this site makes sense.

To do the Easy section of the Training area, you need to know comparisons, arrays, and loops. IIRC one of them almost forces you to use a Dictionary/Hashmap (which is trivial in C# or JS). Knowing a bit about working with strings is helpful. If you don’t know that stuff yet, I’d recommend spending some time on Codecademy or any of the multitude of tutorial websites out there before you tried the puzzles here.

If you already have a grip on that stuff and are stuck on something, folks in chat are generally very helpful.


thanks for replying quickly I will defenitely look into Codecademy thanks for the resources!

I back up Mr Anderson: You need basic prior knowledge to enjoy CodinGame: it lets you solve simple challenge applying the knowledge you elarn else where.

Regaring C#, maybe have a look at the .NET academy:

For now they only have the beginner course, covering however most of the knowledge you need for easy and meduim puzzles and even some hard ones (this is pretty much my skill level). The advantage compared to other online tutorials is that the lessons contains exercise which you can program directly in your broswer.