Better descriptions

Could community puzzles have better descriptions? I am looking at “Organic Compounds” and there’s this note: “To get a better understanding of organic compounds and condensed formulae, look it up on the web.”

Seriously? I have to learn organic chemistry to solve this puzzle?


I’m necroing this but I think it’s justified since you didn’t get any answer.
I was actually looking for topics about “Organic Compounds” as I can’t get the 8th validator passed.
I just wanted to say that no, you don’t have to learn anything more than what’s already in the puzzle rules.
Go on and try! The puzzle is pretty fun once you get a first naive algorithm :slight_smile:
And if ever you get the 100%, I’d be curious on how you wrote your program!

Thanks for the reply.

I solved it. You should be able to see my solution. I don’t remember the details, sorry.