Biker achievment (T4) can't be unlocked?

I may have misunderstood the “Skynet - the bridge” last achievment (named T4, biker), but I can’t unlock it.

Here is my result on the 8th test, and I passed also the others.

Thank you for your help !


Thanks for reporting this issue, we will investigate what happened.
Can you try to submit again, just in case something went wrong when computing the achievement last time?

You were right: I’ve submitted it this morning, and it worked :slight_smile:

It’s weird, because it was solved yesterday, and I’m sure I’ve submitted working solutions several time.

Anyway, thank, and good luck for bug hunting !

After releasing the new IDE yesterday, there was some talk in intern about achievements.
I just took some news about it: the bug they were talking about is that very few achievements couldn’t be unlocked, Biker was one of them. That bug was fixed later yesterday.

I’ll lock this thread :wink: