Bug "Bash rider"

I completed the horce racing with 100% in Python3. Then solved it in Bash with only 60% but I got the trophy:
“Bash rider: Solve “Horse-racing Duals” problem in Bash and get a 100% score.”

I think this is a bug.


Thanks a lot for the bug report, we’ve fixed it. We’ll check who had the achievement but shouldn’t.

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You seem to have done it wrong!!! I got 100% but you removed the trophy… Either do it right or don’t do it.

We haven’t removed the Bash Rider achievement. You are posting on a thread that is 3 months old, that’s unlikely the same issue (if any).

Are you sure you managed to score 100% in Bash to Horse Racing Dual?

No, I haven’t. That is exactly my point. Why would it say 100% if I have actually one achievement missing… That is why I am saying you haven’t corrected the issue but created another one.

Oh I see. It has always been like that, it’s not a bug we’ve created recently.

There are two things: your score to the puzzle (e.g. 100%) and the number of achievements you’ve unlocked (e.g. 2/3). The achievements are intended to CodinGamers that want an extra challenge but it’s fine not to do them…

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