Bug: Got hard puzzle solved achievement for partly solved Easy puzzle Temperature

I solved the temperature puzzle 90% in the easy category in Kotlin and got my first achievement point for solving a hard puzzle. :slight_smile:

Perhaps it helps to know:
I solved the temperature puzzle to 100% already in several languages, my previous one was in Dart and today in Kotlin.
I won’t anything on this code for now, so you can have a look.

I think you got the achievement because you solved this:


I guess the difficulty of the puzzle was updated recently.

EDIT: it’s weird though, I’ll ask someone to look into it
EDIT 2: OK, when we moved community puzzles in the practice section, we added difficulty for them depending on the success rate. But achievements were not updated. They actually get updated when you submit a code in any puzzle, like you did today for Temperatures.

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Ah, I see. This makes a lot of sense. My last puzzle was indeed a while ago.

Thank you :slight_smile: