Bug in CoC validation

the contribution https://www.codingame.com/contribute/view/4465f44c4a8751dc17b14570a8a7df244ee8 has been refused for at least 3 ou 4 days but is still not marked has rejected…

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to be precise, it has been rejected at this date : 28/07/2019

i know , i even had the 15 xp …

I was curious what will happen, when I accept it.
Now it’s approved, whoops :flushed:

what a shame !!!

not that you tried , not that you got 15 xp …

but that the system has validated it although it continues to be refused more than accepted.

Not bug related, but a quick reminder to CG that something should also be done about these two contributions (at first plagiarism, then sabotage):
https://www.codingame.com/contribute/view/4247e7d1a9c277e6f23fa98800b995e56e5d https://www.codingame.com/contribute/view/2179f3c4c04412a46e294bc271423bc7ca50
(note that the bot has already started to neutralize them by removing the fastest mode from one of them though ^^)

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I have zero memory of validating that second one. Is it one of those that was edit-replaced after passing?

(For the record, I would be fine with that kind of CoC as a reverse. I’d also be fine with it in the other modes if it had a proper statement. I’m not so fond of the plagiarism part of it.)

Yes, they were completely “modified” (that’s what I referred to as “sabotage” in my previous post) after validation once the plagiarism was revealed in the comments (at first, they were both literally copy-pasted from another programming puzzles website).

I’ve asked the devs about this contribution in a weird state. I would be surprised if the puzzle is actually played in CoC. I believe it’s just a display issue.

Please don’t sabotage existing CoCs. There are better ways to report issues with a contribution. I’ll ask the devs to remove these 2.

I don’t know who did that, but I guess it’s probably the original author once the plagiarism was revealed.


Took only 3 months…

? what took 3 months?

To do something about those two one (since the last comment asking CG to do something)

wups, forgot to answer.

Just for the record, a comment you write on someone else’s contribution doesn’t ping CG or me in any way. I have been aware of these two contributions thanks to @Niako’s post 9 days ago. The best way to report an issue is here in the forum or by email.