Bug in Platinum Rift ranking

In this battle : https://www.codingame.com/replay/91161188
The blue player should finish at 2nd place while violet player is.

Violet player dies at step 17 (round 4) : no pod and no zone left on board.
But its death doesn’t appear on the progress bar and its code is still called by the game until the end

Because the system sees it still alive , it gives a wrong second place while should be fourth.
Do you think this bug can be fixed ?

Well, violet player still have enougth Gold to spawn a new POD and there is a lot of free cell left, rigth?

Ok, I never thought about this. The weired point is violet player tries to drop its pod on a wrong zone during the whole game.
So what if blue player keep its last rings ?

Game continues until each cell is filled and the 2nd is the one who’s got more money left ?

Very interresting case anyway

There is a maximum number of round before the game stop. (200)

Money does not count in the final ranking.

The sorting process is :

  • Number of Cell
  • Last Alive

So, if blue does not die :

  1. Yellow (Most cell - Alive)

  2. Blue (1 Cell - Alive)

  3. Violet (0 Cell - Alive)

  4. Red (Dead)

Thank you Saiksy :slightly_smiling: