Bug in Tron Multi game

I have a strange bug in Tron multi game.
Some games have 0 players.


This is the first time I noticed this.

Another issue, some matches are exactly the same : same opponents and same start position.
There is a sequence of 23 matches identical in my last run.

If devs can/want to check : matches 567 to 590 of my last run.

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1/0 it’s when the referee crashed. The game is not taking in account.

The 24 matches are not identical, it’s just the 24 combinations of the game (with 4 players) but you lose all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok thanks for your answer.

Yeah I still have some work to do on my IA :stuck_out_tongue:

Try to use the appropriate topic instead of creating a new one next time please @mattrero. If you’re not sure the topic exists, use the search bar to check quickly, ex: “tron” give me this link Tron Multiplayer Challenge

I’m closing the topic