Bug in Vim mode: replacing a character with a space inserts "space"

In Vim, I can replace a single character by hitting “r” and then the character I want to replace it with:


Enter “rX”:


If I want to replace a character with a space, i.e.,


Enter “r[space]”, this results in


so literally the characters “space” are inserted, overwriting whatever was there.

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Sounds like an amazing feature ! :smiley:

I really hate this bug too, it happens to me every 2 minutes when editing in CodingGame !

There’s also a similar issue with autoclose of strings and braces.
If I have

if toto

And I enter r( to put a parenthesis, I get:


Although this one is less problematic as the auto-close can be deactivated.

This has been solved by the new IDE as well. Great job! And there is even an editor command line now… awesome.