[BUG] Indiana 3 - Test 3

I’ve almost completed Indiana 3 but Test 3 has a problem.

In the image below you can see a new rock has just appeared in the top right corner. The appearance of this rock has now made it impossible for Indi to escape alive.
In the game description it says in bold:
You do not need to ancipate[sic] the arrival of rocks in your algorithm: whatever choices you made before a rock appears, if you had a chance to win before the arrival, you will still have a chance after the arrival of the rock.”

Here, the only way to win is to anticipate the second rock appearing and divert the first rock early. Actually programming a pre-emptive system would be a massive undertaking for just this one test. So the most likely way people are going to get around this is hard coding.
For now I’m going to leave it and hope there is a fix.

Can you share the replay?

Sure - this is the validation test:

My code crashes when the second rock appears as it cannot find a winning path (and I’m pretty sure there isn’t one).

I do not find another valid path (the other I saw make a crash against the first rock).
I’ll let @SaiksyApo, answer you about this case.

However you might change your AI to think:
I have some time before crashing, so I can rotate something that is not on my path. Doing that, you can crash the first rock and then you’ll have a winning path for sure.

I believe that it is a bug in the current statement of Indiana 3. The statement used to explain two differences with Indiana 2: the first one being that you can crash 2 rocks together, and the second one that you may need to anticipate the arrival of some blocks.

As it is now, I don’t see any difference with the statement of Indiana 2…

Problem solved. We changed the statement, sorry for the inconvenience. :slight_smile:

(The 2 rules was previously written in the View More)

  • If two rocks collide with each-others, they get destroyed and are no
    longer a threat
  • You may have to anticipate the arrival of some rocks if you want Indy
    to survive…

I’m now on this puzzle, and I was lucky because my code from Indiana 2 was working for this 3rd test (not the others… :)) : https://www.codingame.com/replay/solo/88435814
I think my code prefers this path to the bottom instead of straight to right because it first blocks the rock on the left, and then it considers the path on the right is impossible, because there is a double turn to do and it doesn’t anticipate the possibility to do it before having this possibility. So, lucky me, my code prefers the path to the bottom which has only simple moves.
Great puzzle, and I think I have to spend some times to progress on it, and may be succeed.