[BUG] "[Learning] Bubble sort" - Won't let me submit

[Learning] Bubble sort - Won’t let me submit.

To recreate my problem I did these steps:

  1. Login to http://www.codingame.com/
  2. Go to: http://www.codingame.com/direct-puzzle/bubble-sort
  3. Click “Submit” at the bottom.
  4. The site asks to login again: Try to log in again…
  5. Login seems to work… but then clicking “Sumbit” says you are NOT logged in.

I can submit on every other puzzle I have tried. It is only this one puzzle that doesn’t work for me.

I think it’s normal since it’s a prototype for a learning section. There is also another puzzle called path-finding that probably won’t let you submit.

My submit still works here.

Mine too.