[Bug - minor inconvenience] New IDE does not scale in the fullsreen mode


the new IDE does not scale when I pass it into fullscreen mode.

I attached some screenshots:

1: http://tof.canardpc.com/view/e54aaad7-3f42-4f1b-b06d-5ff4148a211e.jpg
in “windowed” mode, I can display about 40 lines.

2: http://tof.canardpc.com/view/5e46efc8-af89-4dc3-8959-ea81c2739c08.jpg
when I pass in fullscreen mode, the ammount of lines being displayed is sensibly the same. The line where my cursor is active is correctly “greyed” but its number nor its code are displayed (arrow on the bottom of the screenshot)

3: http://tof.canardpc.com/view/356b8dfa-9b0e-4e38-96f7-3dc757d2b69d.jpg
a proof my program is actualy longer than the 40 lines form the above mentioned

4: http://tof.canardpc.com/view/e28f991a-61c2-4c41-9ef5-60aa90cc534c.jpg
clicking on “exit ide” will scale the IDE to fullscreen. If I click no, i can continue to work on full screen

OS: Windows 7 Enterprise, up-to-date
Browser: Mozilla Firefox 43.0.1
Resolution: 1920 * 1080

Thanks for the bug report! We can reproduce, we will fix it ASAP. (btw, you can simply click on the language selector)

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(btw, you can simply click on the language selector)

Thanks for the tipp. This might prove even easier :wink: