Bug: Multiple programming languages in contest

This contest, I tried to submit with two different programming languages (Kotlin and C++). My interest was mainly to get a feel for the performance difference, but I’d like to know what the contest result under this condition is supposed to be?

During the contest, my submissions were clearly separated by language in the history view. That was an amazing experience!

What I consider a bug though is the final result that was calculated (not the score). I was graded with a certain score and I’m shown in the leaderboard (rank 188 for A*Craft) with the language C++. When I open my personal report from the Compete>Contest view though I can see that my final score is 100%/rank 188 but the code shown is my Kotlin code.

So it looks like my Kotlin code was used for the evaluation, but my rank entry in the leaderboard says I did it with C++.

I’m filing this as a bug, as currently it is inconsistent. I’m also not aware of how the behavior should be. If I could have a wish here, I’d like both solutions to be evaluated. Maybe just use the better one for the leaderboard ranking, but I’d like to know the resulting score for both.

(It might not be that easy though. I can think of a case, where I have a better result in a popular language A and a worse result in a rare language B. What if the worse result is actually the best for language B?)