[Bug] Progress bar in puzzles screen - Bender, a depressed robot


I suspect I have found a bug. I have finished puzzle - all test cases do work, final validation also passed to 100%.
In the puzzles screen however, the progress bar under this puzzle still says “0% DONE”. There is also “No activity” text under the puzzle name, even though the next lines say 60/60 and 2/2.
The category progress bar says 63%, which I understand as having 8.90 puzzles out of 14 complete. With the bender puzzle, I have actually 9.90 puzzles complete (9 x 100% + 1 x 90% [dwarfs on giants]).

As far as I know, this does not limit my site usage, but I imagine you would like to know.

P.S. This site is great! I wish you great success with it.

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Ok, so now I have finished next puzzle (Scrabble) and the issue persists and includes this puzzle also.
Category progress bar still says 63%, Bender and Srabble puzzles declare no activity, 60/60, 20/20 and 0% done.

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I have finished “The Gift” and this issue vanished, all finished puzzles appear as finished now.

Just for the record, I tried opening the page in new window to see whether it is rendering issue or something more persistent and it didn’t help at first, hence this post.
So either someone fixed it, or I did something that fixed it (I am not aware of anything such).

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Check the forum next time, the question has already been asked and replied: there is a time between your validation and the aknowledgment of the website.

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I am sorry, I haven’t noticed.

For my defense:
Usually it updates right away, so I suspected something is wrong. Also the “last activity” field, achievement print out and progress were inconsistent, so I thought that this must be an error. And since it worked a while back, I deduced that it was a new error. And I found no mention in the latest threads in bugs section, so…

Yeah, I think too much, next time I will search explicitly.

Thanks for the information.

Agree, i submitted few puzzles already solved and was AFK for half of an hour - problem was fixed.
(probably you shouldn’t even submit other puzzles).

you can submit other puzzle, it’s just a lag, no worries