[BUG?] Rank shot up without code changes


In Game of Drones Training,

I’ve been at rank 9 for around 3 weeks or so (last submit Nov 25). I’ve been planning to muck a bit more around with the code, but haven’t got around to it yet.

Today, I noticed my rank shot up to 3 without any code changes. Nobody in the top 10’s code has changed since my last push either.

This looks like a bug to me - or is there a genuine explanation?


As far as I know rank is calculated from all matches with various players, not only from one’s with players above and below your position. So there is possibility that many players in whole range changed their bots and you’ve now beaten players that you previously lose to. It is possible to be for example rank 20 and lose to player which is ranked 150.
I suppose that from my own observations. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway congratulations for the top 10!