[Bug] Skynet strikes back


I found strage failure message in “Skynet strikes back” puzzle. In First test case in design mode, I try to cut link > [0-3] and I get failure message:

Standard Output Atream:
0 3
Game Information 2/2
Failure: Link [0-3] is protected. Your virus has been destroyed while trying to severe it!
Agent is at position 0

Puzzle description does not say anything about cutting the link the “virus” is going to use in next turn. Description clearly says:

Each game turn:
First off, you sever one of the given links in the network.
Then the Skynet agent moves from one Node to another accessible Node.

Is it a bug or I am missing something?


Aaaach, OK, in “Read More” there is an explanation.

But anyway, description is from level 1 (Skynet: VIrus) and it is exactly the same which is misleading according to the text:

Nodes can only be connected to up to a single gatweway.