[BUG] Surface puzzle

For the “Surface” puzzle my code passes all Test cases in IDE.

When validating, it only passes the ‘No land’ and the last ‘Large map, large lake’ test. Which is very strange because the last one is the most complicated one.

Also, i tried to hardcode returning zero - this should have passed the ‘No lake’ test, but it still didn’t.

Could you please check if there is some bug?

It could be caused by a recent bug implying some “text problems” (without graphical viewers).
We will solve this issue as quick as possible.

Thanks for reporting this bug

Thanks, its working now.

Maybe there’s still a trouble with this puzzle.
I’m trying to validate it in PHP and all tests passes but when validating, the validation point “100 tests sur carte 1000 x 1000” and “300 tests sur carte 1000 x 1000” are not validated (while the test “100 tests sur carte 1000 x 1000” pass).
I solve this “100 tests” test in an average of 30ms so there’s no timeout issue (well, I hope so…).
Maybe a hint on why the validation don’t pass can be helpful in lots of cases, and I don’t think it can helps hardcode to valid.

Thanks a lot!

EDIT : Sorry, my code wasn’t just enough good in memory limit… Anyway, adding information of why the validation test fails could be very helpful :slight_smile: