C# - Autocomplete of Members


If you use the auto complete of the editor for members of an instance, there are some strange behaviour:

If your member is uppercase and you start with an lowercase the autocomplete list is displayed but the insert member name is added to the part you typed before:
e.g.: your member has the name “Hallo”. You start writing “ha”, than selecting the “Hallo” from the auto complete list. In the editor will be writen “variable.haHallo”. If you start with “Ha” and you select the entry than you get “variable.Hallo”. I thing there is a problem with case sensetive during the replacement.


I did notice that too. I didn’t realize it was only for lowercase to uppercase though so I just stopped using the auto-complete.

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I start the last contest using the editor, but finally switch to VS, it’s faster (and i’m use to it also) when you have a complex problem to solve, especially if it’s time boxed.

But i like the ide CG provide. Do you know if they use a librairy for it? (color, completion…).

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Yes you’re quite right about the auto-completion not working correctly since we set up the new IDE. The problem doesn’t actually come from uppercase/lowercase but from the number of possibilities after the first letter… In any case, we’re on it! Thank you for your input.

Keep Coding :smile:



I get the same issue, but with Java.

I’ve faced another issue yesterday (I was working on the Platinum Rift challenge); Once, there were method in the list that was not in my “Zone” class. These methods were something like “voisinDangereux()” and “addLink()”. Probably methods from another “Zone” class, from another contestant, because they sound right for a “Zone” class.

Anyway, I can’t reproduce it, and it was not very annoying.