C# - Compile Error output is not completed

First I want to say “Greate Website”. I love it.

But the compile error output of the C# Compiler is not good.

  1. You get only one error output independed how many you have. So you fix the one, compile again, fix the next … until you have fixed all. Thats bad. Better would be to display all error the compiler returns.
  2. If you have Compile Errors, the warning messages of the Compile are displayed first. e.g. you have a warning “Unused variable” (which you have when you don’t use one of the pre defined console read variables). If you now have also a compile Error. You see only the warning. You have to remove the warning and than, with the next compile, you get the error.
    Please display all Errors (warning and errors) and/or ignore the warnings.

Fixing that would it make more easy and productive to work with C#.