C# errors not indicating place in code


Loving the concept of the site, well done to the creators! However with C#, I find the errors don’t highlight where they are in the code, or even provide a line number.

So it’ll just say ‘Console not recognised’ or ‘expected ) or ;’ and you have to hunt through the whole code to guess where it is. I can do it with the current simple ones I’m doing, but it’ll get harder when on a time constraint or doing harder things.

Can this be fixed? How do others deal with it?


When an error appear, the code scroll down to the error.

Plus “error CS1002: ; expected” is a link so you can click on it and it will set again the cursor near to the error.

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Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t noticed that!

Would be nice to see all errors listed rather than seeing only one at a time, but definitely that’s a step forward :slight_smile: