Cannot change language for Nintendo Challenge (very hard)

Hi there,

I cannot change the language for the Nintendo Challenge (very hard) - it is fix to “Java” in my case.
A little time ago I decided to try it in Scala (it rocks).

Do I really need to solve it in Java now?

Greetings Danny

Hm, interesting… It is fixed to C++ for me.

Even in the description:

This puzzle may only be completed in C++

Does CG choose a language at random for each user for this puzzle?

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No, it should be fix to C++.

I didn’t do C++ a long time and would prefer to solve it in Java then.
The solution is hard enought, I wont think about language specialties too.

BTW, I do it just for fun, not for the job offer …

Surprisingly this is the first thread on this puzzle.
There is no other tread discussion about the Nintendo Challenge anywhere on this forum.

I might be because it’s possibly the hardest challenge there is here for now :slight_smile:

If you want to start a topic, feel free to do so since it doesn’t exist yet

Indeed it ist very hard. I’m thinking about it several weeks (in my spare time).

But I also think it should not depend on the language to solve it. If one really want’s the job at Nintendo he can deside by himself to use C++.

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For me, it’s fixed to C++ as well. I’m reasonably sure I was able to choose language at some point.