Cannot join Clash of Code (CoC)

It seems I cannot join a CoC. There’s a yellow button with label “JOIN A CLASH” in top banner but clicking it does nothing at all.

I also see a small banner with text: “Join a 5min coding battle! Starting in 01:…” and some avatars, but clicking it has no effect.

I tried in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and the result is the same. I checked JS Console and there is no error (nor any other message).

Thank you for reporting it. It should be fixed now.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it’s still not doing anything.

do you still get the issue? I have tested on and it works.

Yes, still the same.

have you tried to refresh and clear the cache maybe?

Could you please share a screenshot of what you have?

I did clear the cache. I also tried it in private window.

after opening

I try to click the button and the banner and it looks like this:

I got it. It didn’t like the fact that I had no nickname

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