Cannot select C# in the dropdown during tutorial if not in fullscreen

I found an issue
If you are not in full screen mode then if you are a C# Programmer than
you will have some trouble.
you cannot select C# in the language drop down during the tutorial.
I hope this gets fixed
- Rawcode

EDIT: Ignore everything below here. I only learned what to do after writing everything below

I need help!
I am a newbie here and it seems like this website will be fun but there is one problem:
I can’t access C# in the drop down during the tutorial!
I need help or at the very least someone who can tell me that the bug will be fixed!
I’m sorry if this is a dumb question.
Please help ;(.
- Rawcode

Could you please attach a screenshot of the issue? I cannot reproduce it.
Also what browser are you using?

Hello thibaudCG

I use _Google Chrome_. But I have no idea what the tutorial game was and even if I did I wouldn't know how to activate the tutorial.