Can't access the Labyrinthe puzzle


I can’t access anymore the Labyrinthe puzzle… (If I click on “resolve” in the game selection screen, it does nothing)

And I can’t access others Puzzle (If I click on “resolve”, I get a “Ooops” screen…)

with private chrome session, I can access every puzzles but Labyrinthe.

please help, need my coding game ^^

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a little bit more :

here is the error from chrome console when i click on “resolve” for the labyrinthe

"TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined
at k (
at k.$eval (
at k.$digest (
at k.$apply (
at i (
at r (
at XMLHttpRequest.w.onreadystatechange ( "

Now I can access to all puzzles except labyrinthe.

But I can submit code only for few randoms puzzles…

a friend of mine has the same problem.