Change CiG account to log in via GitHub


I am trying to “connect” my CodinGame account with my GitHub account.
First I just pressed the GitHub icon on login and a new account was created because the email addresses differed.
Then I deleted that newly created account, logged in to my original CodinGame account.
There I changed the email address to the primary GitHub one.
Log out.
Then I tried clicking the GitHub icon on the log in screen again but a new account was created again.

So despite having the same email addresses in both accounts, they are not connected on log in.

Any idea how I can fix this?

Edit: I now see that in the forum my GitHub username is used while in the rest of CiG my original account’s username is used. Weird. :confused:


You cannot “link” an existing CG account with a GitHub account, yet. This feature is on our todo lists but it’s not exactly related to the “create an account” with GitHub or LinkedIn or…

So stay tuned, but right now, external authentication will simply create new accounts.

Keep Coding :slight_smile:

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If the primary email address of your GitHub account is the same as the one used on CodinGame, you should be able to login using GitHub. If a new account is created, the email address must be different.

If you are sure that the email are the same and you still have two different email addresses, then we have a problem :). In that case, I’d be interested to get the url to your profile for the 2 accounts and I’ll check in the database what’s really going on.

Hmm, now I am confused.
This post states, acounts can be linked:

The email addresses are identical now. I changed the CiG one right before trying to log in via GitHub.

My original CiG account name is “icwiener” and my GitHub account name is “fschwarzer”. The latter should currently be non-existing because I deleted it after the “accidental” creation on GitHub login attempt.

If it helps, I could re-create it by logging in again via GitHub.

It shouldn’t be possible to have two different accounts with the same email address, so either there’s a bug somewhere, or your primary email address is not the same as the one used on CodinGame.

I’d be interested to get the profile url of both accounts (if you have deleted the second account, well it’s deleted I can’t check anything, so yes you can recreate it).

Ok, this is me … the other me. :slight_smile:
And there is definitely something weird going on.
When logging in via GitHub, I was greeted with “Welcome Back” and my “My name is nobody” achievement is registered as earned 12h ago. I then deleted the account again to be sure, logged in again and it was still all there, the “Welcome Back” and the achievement from yesterday, still earned 12h ago.

So if the account is not deleted properly, there is not wonder that the other account cannot be linked.

The profile url of this profile is

And here is the profile url of my original account:

Thanks for looking into the issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I will explain the issue to the developer who did that feature. Can you logout and login again with GitHub?

I thank you for taking care of this. :slight_smile:
After logging out and in again via GitHub I am now in my original account.
So all it good.

Thanks again.