Character counts over 700?

Hi, amm, just a quick question if I may.
I’ve been playing for a while and i just don’t understand, how some people are able to finish a Clash with 60-70 characters, while (if i only write a single line of code) i always end up with 700+ characters.
At these kind of clashes, can i delete the auto generated code, leaving only the main function there? (in C#, but as far as i checked, it was the same in all the other languages).
Thanks, and wish you guys a Happy New Year: Ruben

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yes, delete as much code as you can, while it still works, it’s valid. The point is to do code golfing. Try googling about it to learn a trick or two about it.

EDIT: sorry, happy new year indeed :wink:

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LOL. No one even uses the Auto Generated code in Shortest mode.

How I do it (i still don’t get under 300 on most clahes , but its a start):

0 Write a program that works properly
1 Get rid of auto-generated code , including import (using) statements that you don’t need
2 Remove all comments
3 Shorten the names of variables , to 1 letter if possible
4 if you find you use something like String.Length often , make it a seperate int instread
5 Remove unneeded spaces
6 Remove empty lines

Keep in mind that some languages just produce shorter code. You may consider switching to one of these languages.

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In the meanwhile, I got myself a bit deeper into BASH, resulting under 70 chars. code length in every matches (turns out it is not only useful for scripting :DD )
Thank you everyone btw :slight_smile: Ryseth