Chat's buggin'

  1. the chat’s crashing sometimes (often), and when i press “Reconnect” it connects, message list updater works as usual, but all my messages go nowhere like chat’s not working - it stops working in all the tabs even after pressing Ctrl+f5 - same problem
    it starts to work only after i restart my browser (firefox)

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New issues appeared overnight here as well: same weird display as MadKnight and, worse, nothing I type and send appears to make it through to the chat at all…

[CG]VonRickroll est en train de regarder ce problème avec Firefox

edit: damn I wrote in French ^^

[CG]VonRickroll is currently looking at the problem on Firefox

Merci. La je suis coince derriere la porte, je vois le chat se mettre a jour mais je ne peux pas parler :slight_smile:

try to restart your browser, bob

Display’s better, but I’m still mute :confused:

that’s strange - it fixed the chat for some minutes for me
what’s your browser?

FF 47.0 on Win7.

Ok I’ll try to chip in.
Until yesterday when you accessed the chat, the CodinGame client would ask for your CodinGamer info (like avatar, nickname, …) by sending an HTTP request to the server.
That’s an awful lot of requests, considering there are around 2000 people on the chat, and that each of them is querying for the others (even with a cache). This made the performances of the chat pretty bad, and impacted the performances of the platform overall.

Yesterday we managed to get these transported data through the chat itself. When you log into the chat, the chat server does the HTTP request for your data and stores them in a Vcard, then the client asks for people’s VCards directly to the chat server. This divides the number of queries to the database by the number of people on the chat, and shift the load from the platform to the chat.

Unfortunately, this caused the number of messages exchanged through the chat websocket to increase drastically, and apparently this causes issues on Firefox, as it seems it can only handle so much messages per second.
We are definitely looking into this and I hope we find a solution soon. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

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We released a patch sooner in the afternoon that should fix both the layout and firefox issues.
Sorry for the inconvenience and do not hesitate to report any chat related bug (or any bug at all).

Cheers :slight_smile:

So, was PedroLemos just speaking to him self? Or did my chat reload one sided?
I did try refresh, but same results.

Edit: on Win7 Chrome 50.0.2661.102 m

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i remember that conv, some of pedro’s messages were mine (about a half)

Still no improvement this morning, I’m afraid.
Using FF, display is still just like airespt’s and I still cannot talk.
I need to use IE so the chat works (so presumably this is not an issue with my local firewall) :cry:

@airespt History messages tend to do that, we have a patch in review to be published soon :slight_smile:
[EDIT] Ok the patch is deployed now, it should take a little while before history messages are processed

@Bob_ That’s odd. I assume you cleared you cache, being an experienced web user :wink: could you give me your Firefox version please ? [EDIT] Oh nvm I have it

Aaaaaahhhhhhhh, much better now.

Thanks :heart:

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but it’s still

Fun. I don’t have this, for one :slight_smile:

Dammit, stopped working again.

I’ve had the Maddy-category bug once. With my own nickname showing up. Very Malkovitch.

Working again now. This is a bit like hide-and-seek, only less funny.