Check out my app made for online gamers!

Hi Everyone,

I made this app after playing MOBA games online and lagging to death many times.

Its made using Java only.

The app makes a sound warning people when they lag or get disconnected/reconnected to the internet. It’s very useful for people with internet issues while they game.

If you find the idea interesting please give your opinion about my app. Here is a link to git hub for the executable file its in /Bin folder … Source code is also included.

Thank you a lot.


The UI is clean.

For UX, it’s a little bit annoying when you modify an input, the app pause and you need to click on resume button. The changes could be appliyed on the onblur event.

While i’m writing my answer to your post, i have lots of offline alerts. Even with a ping < 20ms. Maybe there is a problem in the offline detection. So I deactivated the sound. ^^

Good job :thumbsup:

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thank you! thank you! thank you!

That was really encouraging from you :slight_smile:
I have updated it a little bit to change on keyrelease as I’m not sure how to do onBlur with JavaFX.
Also the ping now shows correctly when above the Max Ping. It says disconnected when the ping goes higher than Max Ping, and it says lag when, you know…

In a game sometimes you get disconnected just from high ping, that’s why above Max Ping it says disconnected.

Please review it once more, your opinion was very helpful to me.

Thank you!

You should try another work arround.
What I understand :

  • key press -> pause
  • key release -> resume + state sound

So we hear a sound every time we enter a letter. it’s not pleasant at all.

I’d like to help you more but i don’t know javaFX. Sorry

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Hi momopouccino!

You did help a lot already! I appreciate very much your review and opinion. Please check again, and tell me if you find it any useful!

Thank you again :slight_smile:

I noticed that you can’t resume if any of ping input has more than 10 numbers.

I take a look in the source. Instead of instanciate a new Ping and start a thread, you could do :

  • instanciate once a Ping
  • add setter to update its values
  • add an if(!paused) in the while statement of run()

This way, not need to “pause/resume”. :slight_smile:

I think I got it now, please review it once more.


You still create a new intance of Ping every time you resume the program.
When an input is updated, you should just call a setter method of Ping.
In the, write :
while(true) {
if(!paused) {