Chrome is freezing when I click "Play my code"

I’m using Chrome as my browser.
I’m using the CG-Sync App, CG sync Ext, and CG Spunk extensions.

Randomly when I click on Play my code, the tab where I’m trying to test my code will freeze. After a while Chrome says that the web page has crashed and then I can’t do “Play my code” for a while.
While it is freezing I can still you use chrome and the other tabs are not impacted by the CodinGame tab.

BTW I tried to use the google dev console to see if there was any logs in console, I found nothing.

As the author of CG Spunk, I can’t deny that it’s possible that it could be causing problems. That being said, I have not heard reports of this issue from anyone else. Also, I use CG Spunk extensively and haven’t experienced the described behavior.

If you disable CG Spunk and the symptoms go away, then that would be pretty damning evidence. Please let me know if you decide to perform such an experiment, and what the results are.

  • danBhentschel

Alright, so I got this issue again today.

I unenabled and enabled again CG Spunk from my chrome extensions list and the problem did not last like the other times. Everything worked fine.
I still can’t confirm CG Spunk is the cause of the issue as I wasn’t actively using it with batch runs.

I’ll let you know when it happens again.