Chrome memory usage

Chrome memory usage by the CodinGame IDE is very high (at least CodeBusters contest). On my macbook there is 2 processes, 1.2Gb and 1.12Gb. After killing them broken only CodinGame IDE tab. Some time after reload no any problems. Memory Leaks?


I have the same thing on Chrome in Windows 7. Possibly related to the code sync app, as it coincides with a similar problem in Visual Studio.

Same here, chrome on Mac OSX. Never used the code sync app.

My MacBook Pro 2010 running OSX Chrome runs very hot during the CodeBusters contest. It seemed to get better in the last two days. To manage the heat and CPU load, I had to switch tabs when I am thinking or writing code. But because of the heat I spent less time in looking at replays.

Yeah, my laptop very often “freeze”. Actually I would like to have lite built-in IDE, since I use external IDE and sync plugin, and built-in IDE not needed for me.

I also experienced the “freezes” many times during the past week while doing the Codebusters contest. Most of the freezes were temporary but would still stall the entire system for a few seconds. Some freezes required a hard reboot of the computer, which made it super tedious and frustrating to work on the contest.

As far as I remember, this was not the case for the two previous contest Coders Strike Back and Smash The Code. In comparison, Codebusters seems a bit more “expensive” to run (transparency, many units displayed on the screen, cool effects, …) which could be the source of the problem.

I also had a lot of chrome issues with Codebusters that I never had before: my laptop with 4 GB of RAM (Windows 10) was often out of memory because of the contest page. And this is not because of any other software, I coded in Notepad++.

I have memory issues when I have the IDE open in chrome for a while. I don’t have those issues in edge, but in edge i run out of memory if i watch my recent games or browse the leaderboard from the menu on the right of the ide. Also I had tabs crash when i watched replays from links in the chat.