Clarification about an email offering pair programming


You might have received last week an email from a company with the following subject “Coding partner for CodinGame members”. I know @Magus, @Jasperr, @Neumann, @BeberLeNewbie and some others received it.

This email started like that:

I just found your profile on CodinGame and noticed that you have been learning to code. Would …

This company is not a partner of CodinGame.

We don’t share your email address to companies without your approval.

We believe they found on Github that you had an history on CodinGame and used your Github public address to contact you. We’ve contacted the company so they stop this.

We’re sorry it happened :frowning:

I got that email too.
But it was not sent to the email address I used on CodinGame - so I can confirm that you didn’t share it :slight_smile: .
However I use that address on github, it’s possible to get it from my commits there.

No problem. It’s not the first spam i receive and it’s not the last one. I’m confident that you don’t share our personal data.

Not to be confused with the other mail, the one promising to provide personalized compilation option for your bot for just $1 per submission. It is perfectly legit and I just need your credit card number to unlock it for you. Guaranteed results!


You fell for it ! :slight_smile:

Why you need credit card no.?

Nothing important really! You can use a friend’s credit card if you prefer. Do you need Viagra pills by the way? Free shipping!

it was a joke @foasolution