Clash is basically unusable worryingly often

Hello all, sorry for the slightly ranty nature of this post.
As you can see by my profile, I’ve only done 22 CoC challenges so my experience is probably not representative of most people’s but so far I’ve had two games where I was significantly hampered by technical issues. The first one was a simple case of it taking about 30 seconds for a simple program which took me less than a second to run in IDLE, which was not much of an issue, but the most recent one had that issue, combined with getting an error message saying that only one test case should be running at once or something to that effect. I had to reload multiple times before I could get even the first test case to run, and eventually just decided to submit my code because I was fairly sure it worked. Even then on the results page it took about another 2 or 3 minutes to actually run all the test cases. Is there something I can do to fix this?

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I’m sorry you had a bad experience on Clash of Code. These kinds of issues happen from time to time (the second most probably being a consequence of the first) but should not happen often.
Let me know if it reoccurs.