Clash of Code chat disappears after round starts

Hey there!
It seems that whenever a round starts in coc, the chat window for it just closes and only “World” stays visible

It’s always been like that, you can only chat before or after the clash.
I think it’s intended.
Anyway as it’s timed (it matters even in golf, in case of equality), I’m not sure anyone would talk during it, so it’s no big deal.

It wasn’t like that, I distinctly remember people chatting in there about reverse challenges or even just saying good luck. Also, it won’t reappear after it’s over, if you played CoC one after the other you used to get a lot of different chats going on for each of them, yet now it disappears and nothing is left

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Yes, I remember people chatting while the clash too. And if you copy the name of the chat you can just rejoin during the clash (for example /join coc7356131). So it doesn’t seem like it’s intended that the players can’t talk, but more like a bug.

If it’s a bug, you can can send a message on the Discord dedicated bug channel, if you use Discord of course.

Sure, let me just join it

known bug indeed, not yet solved