Clash Of Code - Copy and Paste

Is there a plan to try to limit people who simply copy and paste code for Clash Of Code? It’s definitely noticeable when people are consistently doing it and kind of ruins the game a bit.

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are both doing it a lot in the timezone platy in…

S-P-E-C-T-R-E is definitely under our radar (and he knows it)

The only solution (which I already proposed to our product manager) I see, is to remove coding points from clash of code, and replace them with some achievements. Copy-pasters won’t gain anything from this and hopefully will move away.


I agree so hard.

Pencil had two 4 second submissions with 100% when I played yesterday, so he is using a bot for sure. Even lookup and copy&paste would take longer than that…

Thanks for bringing up that topic. I would really like to share my code, but now I’m very reluctant to do it because the shared solutions are probably used to enhance the bot.

I don’t envy you in this case, finding the narrow path between keeping CoC fun and competitive and keeping cheaters away is pretty hard.

Why not removing the “fastest” mode?

reverse mode is “fastest” also, so that just leaves smallest, which while super fun, doesn’t teach the best coding habits…

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Why not another mode:
You can see all the other codes and you give two votes. One for the best (ie +1), one for the worst (ie −1).
The best of best gets a bonus of 12 points. Equality? 12 is divided by the the number of equals. Why 12? Because it’s divisible by 1, 2, 3 and 4.
The points are floored to 0.


Are you trusting the players to vote for the actual best code instead of their friends’?


So there are obviously people that we know are abusing it, could we add a “Report User” button and if they get reported enough times then they lose all there points? I realize there is potential for abuse of such a button, but it seems better than nothing to me.

And thanks for all the work you guys do. I’m sure we’re a hard group of users to please.

there is also a “report abuse” button when you navigate on the profile of a user. Don’t hesitate to use it, it’s really helpful to us.

Yes we are aware of recent bots in Clash of Code. We implemented a quick captcha last week before almost everyone went in vacations. We will handle this issue more properly next week.


Good to know. Thanks

I personally find those captures annoying.

more annoying than bots?

It depends… I have experienced no (real) bot so far, and there are solutions/improvements to problems… :smiley:

Uquu we have played with bots before. I’ve seen you in games with S-P-E-C-T-R-E, who is a bot.

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Also, is anything actually happening to prevent bots? I still see spectre around a lot, and it seems like no major change has been made (the captchas seem to be very occasional, the scoring system remains identical)

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I get those captchas before every clash

I think that it takes quite a bit of skill to create a Clash Of Code bot, so maybe that could be an optimization or something?

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It needs a lot of skill to create it from scratch but I doubt that the teenagers who used bots had these skills, they just find how to somewhere in the internet.