Clash Of Code - Copy and Paste

No I coded it from scratch. AFAIK there are no open source bots currently.

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Who talked about open source bots? :wink:

Is the number of clash of code problems limited ?
Each clash of code have some random parameters in the statement of the problems, no ?

I don’t do clashes but i believe the problem is till here because nothing has change.

It requires web skills. And if you know how Angular and AceEditor works, it’s far more easier. Once you found how to store a submitted code and how to restore it, you have your bot.

[I hid the inappropriate message and showed back the thread.]

Ok great so instead of fixing the problems which allows this to be possible you just censor it…security through obscurity doesn’t work you know.


I don’t work at CG, I’m just a moderator.
We hide also the people who post their solutions.
The problem is not security through obscurity, it’s not about security, it’s about spoiling.

what do you mean hide the people who post their solutions?

In the puzzle section, of course.

I’d be fine with linking to the bot source if you hadn’t included many clash solutions along.

Because I agree, there is a latent problem, that ought to be addressed and discussed properly; and sweeping it under the rug isn’t anywhere near the right direction.

But as interesting as your bot architecture is, that’s no excuse for spoiling the actual puzzles.

Ok, makes sense I guess.