Clash of Code Language Tiers

Hey, not entirely certain how the whole Clash of Code runs the ranking system as it currently stands, however there are plenty of cases where certain languages seem more prone to certain elements of the Clash of Code than others.

With Ruby seeming to reign supreme in Clash of Code (particularly with the shortest code ones).

Perhaps it might be pertinent to start either creating a tier system in Clash of Code–with Ruby being moved into the whole Uber Tier, due to most of the problems being solved with Language features itself (making the whole CoC problems generally not needing to be solved in any level for the most part).

Or maybe have something factor in the average speed/codesize for the language currently being used to give a “placement bonus” after being submitted. Where at the end of the run, ever langauge is “zero’d” to the average of solving it with quirker than average being used to place higher and stuff… or just bonuses given based on that.

This would add a strategic element to CoC to find a language that gives bonuses to the placement, rather than just does everything for you already (well… everything needed to be done in CoC).

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I don’t understand the hate against languages with rich libraries. Wouldn’t it more useful to learn different languages instead of looking for the language that gives bonuses?

It is more it completely negates the purpose of a challenge here, is kind of my point. When your language has done the code for you, there really is no challenge on “how to solve it?”–much less a “how to solve it in the most effective manner”

It is like solving a riddle by looking it up on Google. Or figuring out how to beat a level in a video game by buying a players guide… or these days reading GameFAQs.

It barely is outside of the league of downloading essays from the Internet… but just barely. As it isn’t really you solving the puzzle.

I understand the whole “don’t reinvent the wheel thing” and “do stuff in a language that makes your life easier”… but it kind of ruins the whole “think about how to do something” and turns the whole CoC into “free CP for everybody”

I’m not against learning another language… I’m just the sort that I’d get pissed off if I get rewarded for somebody else’s work. That I guess is the big issue I have with it… it isn’t even really the people doing the CoC solving the CoC but automatically loading somebody else’s solution to it.

i actually agree. Different language tiers, or code size should ignore mandatory declarations.

“import java.util.;import;import java.math.*;class Solution{public static void main(String args[]){Scanner h=new Scanner(;System.out.println()}”

would give a penalty of 164 chars in Shortest Mode.
Just give Java people a bonus of 164.

even with this bonus, however, getting inputs would force java-people to write
int x h.nextInt();
losing at least 17 chars. and we all know that languages like Perl needs only $x=<>; (5 chars)
I don’t know ruby but they have similar shortcuts that are actually UNFAIR in such a challenge.

People who said that its a “good chance to learn a different more-efficient language” i notice that ruby is actually NOT more efficient, and many coders are being FORCED to learn it , even if they see no use in real world developing.

Another simplest way to solve is :
Entering the coc page i can specify if i want to enter only one , or two of the 3 modes.
So a verbose-language-enthusiast can still enter the coc without fearing it to be a “short” and losing all his rank.

Please do something against copy-pasters please. Give a 30-sec bonus if one can finish with never having to paste, or give 0 score if someone copy pastes. This is a challenge of fast-typing, fast-thinking coder. Not the one who prepared the best copy-paste-able library.