Clash of code : New contribution form is deleting test(s) case(s)

With Firefox 38.4 ESR, when I add a Test Case on the new contribution form of Clash of code, if I edit the title of this new Test Case and validate it with , then the first Test Case is deleted and other Test Cases are shifted up (2nd Test Case become the 1st, 3rd Test Case become the 2nd…)

If I edit the title and validate it with or pointing mouse elsewhere, it works…
The problem only occurs on title of Test Case added with the dedicated button

Sorry for the delay. It will soon be fixed.

Cool. Then you can fix the newline problem on Test Case (I’m unable to add a carriage return on the Test Cases form, same browser) :wink:

May it be possible that the solution be automagically copied in the editor?

Hey wargang, these two bugs were fixed yesterday. Thanks for telling us :slight_smile:

I agree it would be practical (I added a feature request in our system).

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