Clash of code rankings show "3th" instead of "3rd"

If you take a look at the ranking of recent clashes, you’ll see “3th” instead of “3rd” for the user who secured 3rd place.

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Thank you for noticing this. I’ve fixed the typo but this will have to wait until next week to be available online (we wait the end of the sprint).

I’m personally utterly shocked by the deep lack of respect for proper typography displayed at Codingame. That being said, let no be too obsessed at pointing our finger at them, we may all well end up facing an atrocious challenge labelled Speak and Spell / La Dictée Magique next time, involving the coding of automatic spell checkers in brain fuck language…

For the younger coders among us, ET itself has used this device for space communications. It is pretty high tech stuff.

Feel free to report the typography errors you see on CodinGame. We are a small team with no dedicated resource to check all the sentences.

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Wait what? I can actually begin reporting all the typography, spelling and grammar errors?

That is a thing I am allowed to do?

Wait… I think this might be a trap… o.O… as there are a lot of them… O.o

Yes, we do not put typos in CodinGame intentionally… You can report the errors directly here.

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If I remember correctly, in one of the Batman puzzles the example was unreadable. The table was badly formatted and the text was in the wrong cell. It was black text on black background.

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We are currently going over all the statements to make uniform the style. Hopefully that should be fixed as soon as I deal with the last batman puzzles (I’ve done the first one). It should be done in the next following days.

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I’ll let you guys know when something is unreadable as I come up to it…

Or generally somewhat misleading in nature.