Clash of Code webpage

I have a question about the COC webpage. There are currently two webpages dedicated to clash of code:


The second one is the one accessable from the CodinGame menu. The first one is the old COC webpage, to which I cannot find direct access (I was only able to find it through google).

My question is, are the multiple webpages intentional? If so, why is there no direct access to the first webpage? And if only the second webpage is intended to be accessable, I’d like to suggest considering revising the page. Unless I’m missing something, you cannot choose the type of clash (Flash / Coffee break) in the new webpage, and that functionality was both present and welcome in the old page. Why was it removed?


Kind of related, but in the past clicking on CoC link on the main page was getting you directly into the clash. Now it takes 2 clicks to get there since you first get to /multiplayer/clashofcode first.

This is a nuisance when one logs in and sees a clash starting in ~10s with an empty spot which he wants to join. 2 clicks and full reloading of the entire UI makes for the user to find himself actually be the first dude in a new clash and then wait minutes for people to join.

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