Click on Log in with Facebook creates an account without notice

So, I didn’t log in to the site for a while and forgot which of my million users/e-mails I used for this one. I thought I used Facebook; so, I clicked on the corresponding Log in (not sign up). Then, because my browser has my Facebook login details stored, a profile was created.

There are two problems with this:

  1. The first one, there was no notification from the site on what it
    was going to do, it didn’t try to confirm if creating an account was
    actually what I wanted. Which is very important when you are trying
    to log in, instead of sign up. So, I think a notification should be
    added for cases like this one.

  2. The second one, there doesn’t seem to be an option to delete an
    account/profile. I have two accounts and can’t find a way to delete
    the second one. Please advice on how to do this, if it is that I’m
    missing something or let me know if there is another way to delete it.

You should send an email at


use this form :