Clojure submissions consistently passing all tests but getting 0% on submission

I am beginning to suspect something is wrong with how clojure is evaluated during submission compared to how it is evaluated for pre-submission tests. Here are a couple examples where my code passes all pre-submit tests but scores 0% during submission:

ANEO challenge code:

(ns Solution (:gen-class))

(defn -main [& args]
    (let [max-speed (read)
          light-fns (for [_ (range (read))]
                      (let [dist (read) duration (read)]
                        (fn [speed] (zero? (mod (int (/ (* (/ dist 1000 speed) 3600) duration)) 2)))))]
      (some (fn [speed] (when (every? #(% speed) light-fns) speed))
            (range max-speed 0 -1)))))

Clash of Code “Shortest” challenge:

Print the sum of digits of a decimal number converted to binary.
Example: 15 in decimal => 1111 in binary, output will be 4.

(ns Solution (:gen-class))

(defn -main [& args]
  (println (count (filter #{\1} (Integer/toBinaryString (read))))))
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I’ve just tried resubmitting some older solutions of mine(that previously worked correctly) and have the same problem so it does appear something is broken when submitting.


We’re looking into it, thanks for the report

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We didn’t manage to find why it only fail on submit, we will have to wait until the team is back from holidays :confused:

Any update on this?

Not yet, the team is just back but didn’t start to tackle the problem.

Edit: Nvm, they already fixed it, it will be deployed tomorrow.

Should be fixed, sorry for the delay :kissing_heart:

Indeed, submiting works now. BUT running test cases before submission is now broken (“internal error”). This affects the puzzles, previously affected by the submission bug as described above (e.g. WAR)!

FIXED ! :blush:

Nice, thanks :smile: