[CoC] Help link

The help link (Cliquez ici) in the purple window does not link to the help section.

Where do you find this? My website is localised in english, I wanted to try if this was specific to the french localisation or worked the same in other languages.

I guess it is on the page for contributing to Clash of Code but it works just fine for me (using Firefox):

It works now but it used to link on CG’s home page. :confused:

@nicolas_patrois it works for me on Safari.

What browser do you use ?

Iceweasel (ie Firefox).

A Debian user… perhaps another Barn Raising is in order to fix it?

If this works on people using Firefox… then there might be a chance it is some of the patches and forks to the codebase that Debian uses.

Actually… the screen shot given indicates that the help menu is done via a JQuery action… what all do you have enabled for ECMAscript in your browser settings? Which–doesn’t belittle your original post (which is rather uncharacteristic of me)… as that information should be available to click on via something that isn’t a JQuery action.

As I already wrote:


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Oh… your opposition to using punctuation to help direct the flow of your sentences had me missing that.

Sorry about this…

“but it used to” seems clear for me. :wink:

Look, if you are expecting me to be responsibly about my very clear and obvious fuck up, and not constantly pass the buck… well… shoot… I had some excuse… a terrible one. A terrible one that would have felt satisfying to type out, and allow myself to lie to myself and have me thinking nobody noticed my mess up.

Well, clearly it is still your fault though =P

Another smiley is needed?

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I thought I had the tongue out smilie… “=P”


These ones. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

… eh, I’m rebellious and nonconformist and stuff…