CoC puzzle disabled 4 times

Hi! There are four identical comments from the bot on this contribution:

Each saying ``This contribution hasn’t received enough positive votes from the community. The “FASTEST” option has therefore been deactivated.``
How is that possible?

You get a bad rating and the bot disables that mode. But you disagree and put it back in yourself. Repeat 4 times and you obtain what we see here.

And that’s not prevented by anything? Shouldn’t it block fastest for the contribution for good so it can’t be added again?
Also, are contribution edits logged anywhere?

I don’t know if it’s considered a bug or feature that you can activate a mode again.
Regarding versioning: I can see that the current iteration of the puzzle in question is 17 (part of the json response when you open the contribution).
I assume that CodinGame stores previous versions too but I don’t think that we as normal users can access those.

Thank you for reminding me about XHR.
You can use services/Contribution/startPreview request to start ‘Test in IDE’ session for older versions of the puzzle but I can’t get information about included modes with that method. You can get old statemant, tests, etc tho.

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The disabled mode was reactivated without another approval process? This seems like abuse.

Yea, seems like it

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yes it’s possible to reactivate modes when editing the contribution. And that is not so absurd when you think about it: the author could improve the contribution and make it better for a specific mode. Ideally.
The thing is, as you highlighted:

  • the edits history is not visible (yes, we store the versions)
  • apart from the rare comments directly in the contribution when the puzzle/coc is active, the author has no other feedback to understand how to improve the puzzle.

Also, I’ve noted the order of comments is changed. New comments are supposed to be on top.

Wrong comment order is not a known bug? I see that all the time

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