CoC score calculation

I don’t know how the score calculation in Clash of Code exactly works, but it behaves a little oddly.
Sometimes when I get opponent(s) with lower scores it happens that I win and I lose score. I don’t think this is the desired way it should work.

This link could be somewhat relevant: What does a negative clash of code ranking score mean
The score is calculated based on your rank and the rank of those in clash with you according to TrueSkill algorithm. Winning over much weaker opponents could net you a negative score.

When you say “I win”, does it mean you’re first or among the firsts ?

If you’re first and lose points it’s definitively a bug.

But else, even a 2nd in an 8 players clash can lose points if the first player was ranked lower (which is a bit weird considering 2nd place isn’t that bad, but that’s how it works).

Also, make sure you get the score timing right, cause it’s updated 15 min after the start of the clash so you might have seen a loss after a win but the loss could have been caused by a previous clash.

No, it’s a feature.

Surprisingly, this is not a bug and it happens when players with very small σ but widely varying μ get matched together


I am talking about when I am the only contestant in the 1st place.

Thank you, @eulerscheZahl

Okay, so it’s a feature of trueskill, but “this can only happen if the gamer is not matched correctly”.
So maybe this should be changed. (Or I should check the opponents’ score while in the waiting lobby and flee if they are too low.) Anyways, it’s annoying.

Fairly certain I have seen this in action.