Code Golf - no ranking

since 2 - 4 days i can’t see any ranking on any of the four code golf “puzzles”. On the Overview page the part My progress is empty on every one. In the IDE the rank is N/A. The Leaderboard is also empty and completeley no one is shown.

Leaderboards for everything else except “Code golf” is working.
I tried:

  • Other Browser
  • Relogging

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We’re investigating. Thanks for the report.


Same problem with Optimization since thursday morning. The leaderboards and followed coding gamers’ scores do not show since then (code golf & optimization). Good luck !

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Same here, I believe this behavior started earlier this week (around Monday or Tuesday). I checked my scores last Sunday (Nov 24) and everything was fine with both Code Golf and Optimization problems. Now the scores are hidden (even after resubmitting) and the leaderboards will not load anymore for any of those two types of problems.

Thanks, for me the bug is fixed.
Good Job :+1:

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