Code golf should have language-specific leaderboards

It’s pointless to use any language other than Perl, Ruby or C if you want to compete in the all-languages leaderboard. I want to see how I compare with other people using the same language.

Leaderboards/rankings have a filter per languageun codegolf.

Where? I don’t see anything here to filter by language

The CG stats tool also shows your ranking within the language.
However, per language leaderboard is meaningless unless the
“embed your bash solution within your language X submit” kind of hacks are somehow filtered out.

E.g. no matter what I do in PHP, this will always beat me, not just overall, but also within the PHP language ranking:

<?=`insert your bash code here`

Theres a better leaderboard if you go via compete -> leaderboard rather than via the puzzle page.


Is this only a problem in certain languages, or is this a website feature affecting every language?

Note that the current work we’re doing around the ranking rework will remove the leaderboard list (no more and will add the filters to the current leaderboard here: