Code golf vs code quality

I think it’s time for me to give some praise and critique; Since I joined I’ve enjoyed CodinGame immensely. The system is tight and fun and forces you to study techniques and algorithms, which ultimately makes us all better developers.

As an architect and team leader I’m not so impressed with Code Golf though, It is easy enough to fall into the trap of writing compact code instead of readable and let the compiler do the optimization. Make it easy on the next developer - it’s probably you, you know.

Idea: Why not create a community-driven code-quality incentive by letting people give feedback to published code and rate good and bad? Raters should get points for doing it and recipients points for quality. THAT would inspire to greater developers if something.

Once you finished a puzzle, you can look at other players’ solutions (as long as they publish it), and you can rate/comment them. That’s pretty much what you described, except upvoted solutions does not get more points.

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Didn’t realize that, because as the system is designed today i pretty much feel “done” when I gain 100% on a puzzle.

I think code review will gain more traction if you give it first-citizenship like the other puzzles.

Hi there. At the moment I’m trying to do code-quality solutions for all singleplayer puzzles, in c++.
every time I learn something new, I return to the puzzle and improve my solution.
For no real reason other than entertainment, or maybe strive for perfection.
One of my followers said they are “enlightening”, whatever that means.
Too bad there is no quality rating or anything.

There is little incentive to look at other solutions though. I see a lot of solutions, and most of them have zero rating / zero comments.

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